Apple Crumble Cake

I've never been one for worrying about my 'bikini body' or wether or not my figure is 'beach appropriate'. The Winter Coat however is a speciality of mine. You'll know exactly what I mean if you find yourself devouring all kinds of cockle-warming stodge as soon as the weather turns the tiniest bit wintery. This … Continue reading Apple Crumble Cake



So I'm starting this new thing. Really it's an exercise for myself, a way to push myself to write more frequently. I've been so cross with myself for not keeping up with regular blog posts over the past few months, so I've decided to force myself to make changes. I made a commitment to start … Continue reading September


Choux pastry is my favourite kind of pastry because it is the perfect vessel for whipped cream or custard. It is a socially acceptable method for shovelling custard into my pie hole. I like to eat Chantilly cream straight from the bowl with a spoon, but people tend to frown upon that. Put that shit … Continue reading Choux 


Originating in Egypt, this delicious blend of nuts and spices is my new favourite thing to put on pretty much everything. Traditionally it is eaten as a condiment with bread or vegetables being first dipped into olive oil, and then in to Duqqa. The name Duqqa (or Dukkah as it is sometimes spelt) derives from … Continue reading Duqqa