Hot Cross Buns

Here in the U.K. there are many variations of spiced and fruited buns. Some are specific to region like the Bath Bun or the Chelsea Bun and others are baked only at certain times of year. The Hot Cross Bun, according to the Christian calendar is to be baked on Good Friday, to mark the … Continue reading Hot Cross Buns


Pink Grapefruit & Orange Bundt Cake

January so far has been a cold, grey and somewhat bleak month. The Christmas come-down and the crippled bank balance only adds to the general fog of bleakness. I look for small and simple pleasures to lift my mood at this time of year: a cup of tea on a chilly day, a vase of … Continue reading Pink Grapefruit & Orange Bundt Cake


Choux pastry is my favourite kind of pastry because it is the perfect vessel for whipped cream or custard. It is a socially acceptable method for shovelling custard into my pie hole. I like to eat Chantilly cream straight from the bowl with a spoon, but people tend to frown upon that. Put that shit … Continue reading Choux