So October has happened and I’ve been scrolling back through the pictures that I’ve taken this month and leafing through my notebooks trying to find something worthy of writing about. I’ve actually really struggled to feel motivated this month. I’ve been feeling quite lost and lonely and I haven’t quite managed to shake it off. I know this is partly because I’m getting stressed about how stressed I’m going to be in the run up to Christmas, but it’s also because I can’t help feeling that another year has passed me by but I’m still in the same place as I was last year. I feel like everyone in my life is achieving things and moving forwards and I’m just running on the spot.

I find it quite hard to socialise with this dark cloud hanging over me, but there have been a few good days. At the start of this month my little brother came to stay and my husband and I took him out for a bit of a wild night in Bristol. I love living so close to this vibrant city and I really enjoyed sharing it with my brother, who lives in London and doesn’t visit nearly enough. We took him to see Mr Scruff at the Old Station and danced until 4am, got an über home and had fried egg sandwiches at the same time I normally get up for work.

Autumn Strolls

We’ve been lucky with the weather these last few weeks so we’ve been sure to make the most of the dwindling autumn sunshine with some walks in the countryside. Living in Bath means we only have to drive for a few minutes before the built up landscape opens up into rolling hills. One of favourite walks, especially on days when time is limited, is Rainbow Wood on the edge of the city. It actually links up to the Skyline Walk which takes you up onto the hills surrounding Bath and gives you some of the most breathtaking views of the city. The woodland section of this walk is perfect for little legs and there is even some really cool play equipment hidden amongst the trees.

We also visited Nunney Castle this month which is a small ruin in a picturesque village just outside of Frome. It’s free to visit which is great if you’re on a budget and Stink had a great time exploring the ruins, charging around the moat and imagining what it was like in its glory days.

Half Term

Stink was on half term for the last week of this month and her Nanny B came to stay for the first couple of days. I left it to husband to organise, so the plans were a little haphazard. We thought about going out for lunch but it was raining so we ended up having a hastily thrown together lunch at home. I made Pear & Stilton Quiche, a couple of salads and banana & caramel cake for dessert. The next day whilst I was at work the three of them visited the SS Great Britain in Bristol which is a wonderful day out for all ages. The best bit is that your ticket is valid for a year after the date of purchase which makes it really good value, especially if your kid digs history as much as mine!


The most notable event of the month for this household was Halloween, one of my favourite days on the calendar for cooking. We invited a couple of Stink’s friends home for tea after school and filled the house with spooky decorations and sweeties. I don’t really agree with trick or treating as I find it quite rude and inconsiderate for our elderly neighbours, so instead we made a treasure hunt in the garden. Husband spent the afternoon hiding sweeties in the bushes, then when it was dark we gave them each a torch and sent them out to find their treasure. They had great fun, and we had even more fun watching the lights from their torches dance around the garden. It took them quite a while to find the sweets so to warm up afterwards we lit a fire and had toasted marshmallows and hot chocolate. For dinner I cooked Bird Pie a la Mr & Mrs Twit using pipe cleaners with singed ends to make bird claws, with cheesy toe shaped bread and crudités in peppers cut to look like pumpkins. Dessert was a delightfully artificial banana flavoured Angel Delight pudding with Meringue ghosts for the little humans whilst the big ones enjoyed pumpkin-spice brownies and cold beers.

And that was October! An uneventful month for me. I hope you’ve all been having lots of fun me good fun!


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