Originating in Egypt, this delicious blend of nuts and spices is my new favourite thing to put on pretty much everything. Traditionally it is eaten as a condiment with bread or vegetables being first dipped into olive oil, and then in to Duqqa. The name Duqqa (or Dukkah as it is sometimes spelt) derives from … Continue reading Duqqa


Tea Loaf

Tea Loaf, not to be confused with Tea Cake is a light and juicy fruit cake. The dried fruit is re-hydrated by being simmered in black tea, giving the cake a simultaneously rich and zingy flavour. I must confess I actually hate fruit cake; I'm not really a fan of raisins and I personally really … Continue reading Tea Loaf


Move over Pizza: we have a new favourite bread based dinner and it's called Pide! Originating in Turkey this traditional bread is stretched thin and baked in a scorching hot oven, leaving the outside crisp and golden and the middle, soft and fluffy. During Ramadan this bread is eaten plain, with just a smattering of … Continue reading Pide