Hot Cross Buns

Here in the U.K. there are many variations of spiced and fruited buns. Some are specific to region like the Bath Bun or the Chelsea Bun and others are baked only at certain times of year. The Hot Cross Bun, according to the Christian calendar is to be baked on Good Friday, to mark the … Continue reading Hot Cross Buns


5 Good Things – February

February is the time of year when winter begins to ebb away and spring tries to sneak in while it isn't looking. Here in the U.K. the weather can be so varied as the seasons start to turn. Sudden, cold snaps can damage delicate new shoots. Over-wintered vegetables are often tastier for spending a month … Continue reading 5 Good Things – February


So October has happened and I've been scrolling back through the pictures that I've taken this month and leafing through my notebooks trying to find something worthy of writing about. I've actually really struggled to feel motivated this month. I've been feeling quite lost and lonely and I haven't quite managed to shake it off. … Continue reading October